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The Advantages of Adding CCTV Cameras to Your Fleet of Cabs

The Advantages of Adding CCTV Cameras to Your Fleet of Cabs

by August 6, 2018 Technology

Cab accidents are a big nuisance for transport managers as accidents can happen anywhere, anytime. In most of the cases, the onlookers blame the commercial drivers for it. Other than accidents, there can be cases wherein drivers are subject to verbal and physical abuse or the customers might dodge paying the fare.

To prevent all these, installing CCTV Vehicle Camera Systems is extremely beneficial. Once installed, the only thing to keep in mind is their maintenance. Cameras hacked or security breaches can happen if the software is not updated on a regular basis or if the camera is not from a good brand.

Here are a few of the major advantages of adding CCTV cameras to your fleet of cabs.

Helps in Reducing Insurance Premiums

Getting CCTV cameras installed in cabs helps in getting clear evidence on the cause of the accident, which can also be used in court if the need arises. While it can be used in assessing a claim for damage, it can also help the fleet owners to get discounts on premiums charged by insurance companies.

Keeps Drivers Safe

Cab drivers are often subjected to verbally abusive and racist situations. When a rift happens between the passengers and drivers, most of the time, the onlookers blame the drivers. In the presence of video footage, the drivers will get a level playing field in case of such rifts, antisocial behavior or criminal activities.

Safety Measure for Passengers

There are incidences wherein drivers are extremely rude or violent with the passengers. A thoroughly installed CCTV system would record any wrongdoing from the driver too. If a passenger knows that the vehicle he or she is traveling in is under CCTV surveillance, it instills a sense of security in them.

Builds Up the Reputation of Brand

Those fleets that use CCTV surveillance gain the trust of the commuters. They would get to understand that their safety is important to the company and they have taken adequate measures in terms of installing CCTV cameras to ascertain that.

Helps in Providing Feedbacks

Installation of security cameras helps in reducing the accident rates by almost 30%, according to the data given by transport companies. The fleet managers can take an account of the drivers’ performance and use it to provide feedback to them. If a particular driver drives rashly or speeds up at a yellow light, then all that can be analyzed using the video footage and conveyed so as to prevent any mishap.

Having CCTV cameras installed in cabs has multiple benefits. It is beneficial for everyone involved, whether it’s passengers, drivers, or fleet owners.