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Tuesday, March 31st, 2020
5 Reasons To Protect Your Company’s IT Systems

5 Reasons To Protect Your Company’s IT Systems

by January 19, 2019 Technology

With lots of threats globally attacking IT systems, it is crucial that there is some consideration into what more can be done in order to protect the IT that you have to minimise any risk of a breach.  People may think that the off the shelf software packages that are available are sufficient; however with today’s greater threat and maturity of viruses it is unlikely that these are foolproof.  You will find now that many businesses have started to use companies to run Penetration Testing in order to review their current IT systems (including mobile) and come up with the best preventative measures to try and prevent an attack in the first place.  There are many reasons why companies do this, and here are a few:

Being Held to Ransom

It is a sad fact that when the majority of companies have their IT systems breached, the attacker is looking for payment to release this. You will find that these ransoms are usually a pretty significant amount of money and there is, in fact, no real reason to believe that when the money is paid that the virus will be removed. You will find with a bit of research that there have been hundreds of millions of dollars paid out on ransoms from companies and governments alike in order to get their IT back to normal.

Operational Impact

In today’s global world, the vast majority of business rely extremely heavily on IT in order to keep their business running.  Whether you are running a factory, air traffic control or in the health service, IT plays an important part not only for the company but for the customers of the company also.  Without this being operational then it is likely that a lot of businesses will effectively stop or have minimum operations.


If your systems are breached and your customers or clients’ personal data is released, then you enter a whole new world of data protection breaches. It is your responsibility as a company to protect this information and if it is released (even by accident) to inform the people, as this could easily lead to litigation against the company which is obviously something which you’d like to avoid.

Reputational Damage

If the security systems are breached and it has an operational impact, then the reputation of your company could be greatly affected.  Customers are looking for a steady service with no hic-ups, and if you cannot provide this consistently, then it won’t be long before they go elsewhere.

Theft of Finances

You may actually find that when the virus enters your system, it gets all your login details to banks or accounts and can then access these with no restrictions. Clearly, this is a significant risk and could lead to them accessing your accounts and transferring money out of them.  This is one of the most common areas of cyber threats and companies in the banking industry are far more at risk in this arena.

Image: Pixabay