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Cyber Attacks and Reality Checks

by June 25, 2018 Technology

Not lengthy ago, I had been discussing by having an online acquaintance his observations on observations on cyber warfare, intelligence, white-colored hat cyber surveillance. This got me to think about another points of contention when confronted with cyber attacks and false flags. The thing is, before we pursue some supposed nation or offender for any cyber attack, we better make certain they really made it happen. Let us talk.

Now then, in the main rule from the CIA book, namely do not get caught, it seems sensible that people doing cyber attacks would cover their tracks with false leads and thoroughly grown bread crumbs to guide their pursuers down the wrong path, false flags are most likely more prominent these days. Quite simply, everything should be thought about diametrically against Occam’s Razor, as though Occam’s Razor in cyber warfare.

Obviously, rich in level thinking, cognitive theory, the smarter individuals are doing the cyber attacks, and seeking to out think inside the minds from the opposing pressure, therefore the mind games combined with the cyber attacking creates an enjoyable sport. Bad a lot of people unintentionally get caught within the mix-swap of virtual free war games performed in to the real world.

It’s interesting which i concur with many all what my acquaintance had stated, that rarely happens on topics such as this, possibly because of all of the compartmentalization of those overlapping domains, as folks close to the scene only see what’s closes for them, and not the problem. Personally, I view it all as you, not in parts, it blends, and that’s why it may be so damn harmful if a person who will get it and it has the best team in it starts playing full-tilt for keeps.

Think about a cyber attack on the economic climate. This is a frightening thought, regrettably all of the tools have established yourself for somebody to actually rake damage to the economical system. I noted the CME (commodity buying and selling computers) in Chicago went lower a few days ago, nothing like there is not enough on-going daily chaos in individuals markets to begin with. If fat fingers may cause flash crashes, and when high-speed buying and selling algorithms can overwhelm the machine, who’s to state a dual whammy and orchestrated follow-up cyber attack around the system, could not go all lower – if that’s the case, then what?

Could by using an overseas Black Swan Event, some fabricated online news, and a few bubble bursts round the planet, which is fairly simple that the cyber attack on the financial markets might cost us trillions of dollars and hang us back before we understood what hit us. Don’t be concerned, these challenges are known and you will find contingency plans, but it’s frightening stuff nonetheless. Please consider all of this and think onto it.

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